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Viewpoint Construction Software


Viewpoint Construction Software is relentlessly dedicated to providing the most advanced, easy-to-use and efficient management software available exclusively to the construction industry. We continuously strive to define the edge of innovative construction management technology.

With over 30 years of intense focus and collaboration with our construction clients, we've developed a rock-solid software platform to help construction professionals easily manage across all areas of operations.


Viewpoint Construction Software provides construction professionals with integrated, configurable applications for all aspects of project management, financial planning, and day-to-day operations. Utilizing an award-winning Microsoft.Net Framework and SQL Server database, Viewpoint Construction Software delivers a rock-solid software solution that's as reliable and important as any tool on your site.


Built with leading technology for leading performance.


The Viewpoint Vista Software® solution is a highly scalable, easily configurable, rock-solid performer due to the robust platform on which it was built. Introducing the workhorse of integrated construction software solutions.



Viewpoint Vista Software is the industry’s first ERP solution to utilize the .NET framework. This leading-edge technology delivers the industry’s best user experience along with the simplest system administration around.


Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server helps you manage any data including images and rich media, any place at any time. Data is securely stored in a single database that can be accessed from anywhere. It is a robust platform that provides:

  • Reporting, analytics, and integration

  • Highest levels of security, reliability, and scalability

  • Data access from commonly used tools such as Microsoft Office™


Microsoft Server

Built for the Windows Server environment, Viewpoint Vista Software utilizes standard technologies like Trusted Connections and automatic client updates, making routine administration easy and cost-effective.


Remote Access

For remote connectivity, you can access Viewpoint Vista Software through numerous convenient options including VPN, Terminal Services or Citrix so no matter where you’re located, mission-critical data and information is only a click away.


Technology Support

Technical support is always available for Viewpoint customers. We want you to get the most out of your software that’s why our experienced consultants are available to maintain the integrity of your data when imported into Viewpoint and provide a continued high-level of technical support throughout the years as issues arise. We’re proud that 80% of our customers gave us a high rating for support in our latest survey.





It’s becoming clear that today’s edge in the general contracting space has evolved from the technology available in this ever-changing information age. Senior managers and newer professionals are looking for contemporary solutions to common project and job issues. With over 30 years of experience collaborating with general contractors, Viewpoint Construction Software has a unique perspective on what makes their jobs easier.


Our in-depth understanding of construction heritage and technological possibilities gives Viewpoint the ability to deliver powerful solutions for any mid to large sized general contractor.



With a complete suite of integrated applications for Pre-Construction, Project Management, Job Cost, Accounting and HR - all built on the award-winning Microsoft®.Net Framework using the SQL Server, we’re positioned to provide rock-solid performance.



Viewpoint Vista Software® was designed for use by every integral member of your organization. CEO’s can get real-time information on cash reserves while project managers can grab a quick report on the current job cost. How can we help you?

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